Significant Other Blogfest

     Hi people out there in blogger land . I’m Dave, Gina’s husband. First off I’d like to say that I support my wife in everything she does, more than I show her most of the time. She is incredibly smart and creative. I am really grateful for this opportunity to let her, and you people know this. Gina works very hard at her writing and does it so well. I love that there is a little piece of our lives out there floating around in cyberspace, even if it doesn’t pay the bills.

Gina is a great wife, mother, student, and writer among other things, and I know we will manage no matter what comes our way. I know that if I asked her to she would quit everything she is working so hard at and get some crappy office job for chicken scratch.

It’s not always sunshine and roses when you live with someone who gets lost in there writing and research as much as she does, but I’m usually at work when she does it and she always takes a break and meets me at the door when I get home with a big kiss.

Anyway thats all. This has taken me like a half hour because I type so slow and it’s time to make Enchiladas. see ya,  Dave

***Hi all! Thanks DL and Talli for hosting this blogfest. It’s been fun and I’m glad we did it because I never knew Dave felt this way. He’s not much of talker when it comes to stuff like this.

Thanks to all of you out there that choose to put up with us obsessed but driven writers. We need your support and encouragement.

Until later,
~Live Happy


19 thoughts on “Significant Other Blogfest

  1. Nice to meet you, Dave! It was so nice of you to do this for Gina. Your feelings for her and her craft really shine through in your words. She is very talented, but you already know that. Thanks for taking part in our fun today!! 🙂

  2. A very cool post, Dave! If you weren't married to Gina, I just might be tempted to ask you to marry me! Just kidding, but you seem like the perfect match for Gina, writer's need understanding people like you in our lives. Thanks for the post and I look forward to more. Maybe you and Gina could do a joint post…and no I don't mean smoking a joint before you write it. Although that might be interesting! Cheers!

  3. D.L. Thanks man, I feel like a part of now.

    Marty Thanks dude. A “joint” post might be kind of cool.

    R.G Maybe I'll put a cooking page on Gina's blog and I'll serve some tasty vittles once a week that we can all share. Or maybe a fishing with Dave page…

  4. I love what Dave wrote here; his love and support is endearing. This has been such a wonderful blogfest — the common threads that weave us as writers are so evident! So great to hear from you, G.~ My visits will be more frequent in future!

  5. …it's comforting to read of the support from a fellow writer's confident other. I've often said that a writer's partner may have the most grueling undertaking short of parenthood, helping a loved one's solitary quest in achieving publication. Good for you, Dave:)


  6. Talli~ He does make good enchiladas and he is pretty great most of the time. Thank you for putting this together with DL, it's really been a lot of fun.

    Nicole~ I love the common bond that has been created between all of us, even if it is virtual for now.
    I'm so glad you came by the other day. I can get lost on this thing and it's easy to lose track of people.

    Vicki~ I'm loving it too. Thanks for coming by. I did go over to your place and commented on both. Love the blog lady. 😉

    Alex~ 😉 It was kind of humorous. He sat there for about a half hour and I remember thinking; Wow, I can't believe he has so much to say. So I walked over and looked at the screen just to let him know that it shouldn't be TOO long, and wouldn't you know it, there was about eight lines written. 😉 Too funny. Thanks for coming over.

    El~ Sometimes I think it takes a saint to deal with us writers. It's like having bi-polar with a mixture of schizophrenia and MPD. God Bless 'em.

    Len~ Thanks for coming by. I'm so glad this blogfest took place. I got to find so many new and interesting people, you being one of them. 😉

  7. Hey Dave!

    Great to here about things from your perspective. We wives don't always get the DL on how you feel…hint, hint. Anyway, you have a great woman there and we appreciate her honesty and dedication. She has touched many with her writing and sprite personality here on the web and in person I'm sure. Thanks for posting.


  8. Kellie~ So good to hear from you again. Thanks for the kind comments and I hope all is well with you. We'll have to talk sometime and catch up.

    Hannah~ He is pretty sweet and yes he cooks A LOT. He loves doing it. He thought about adding a page to my blog for cooking…and fishing.

    Maybe you could share a recipe sometime? 😉

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