The Neighbors

I love to sit outside and work, especially now that it’s gorgeous and my garden is in place and the trees are trimmed. But here’s the downfall of having neighbors that you actually have a relationship with. First of all, I don’t like them seeing me like this because I don’t shower until about 2:30 before Dave gets home and I wear my pajamas most of the time to work from home here. I fear that my neighbors will think I’m really just some lush who kicks ’em back all day.

Now, they all know I’m writing a book. They know I work from home, but I don’t think they grasp the full scope of a groove for us writers. As they shouldn’t. It wouldn’t be so bad if they just waved or said a quick “Hello, how ya doin’.” But this isn’t the case here in Wildwood. I find myself hiding from the neighbors during a weekday as to avoid an hour long conversation. The guy to the left of me is like eighty-five years old and as wonderful as he is, I tire quickly of our little chats. He can barely see and is somewhat hard of hearing, but quite the spunky, savvy little man none the less. His wife is ill and he does his best to take care of her and nurse her to wellness. I adore them both, but avoid them at all costs during the week.

My neighbor on the other side of me is Korean and has a hard time speaking English, which is fine with me. We communicate pretty well. She is always bringing me lettuce and tomatoes from her garden and giving me tips on how to tend to my vegetables. She’s very knowledgeable in this area. She goes into the lot that lies between her house and mine. It’s empty and the people who own it don’t come by to take care it, so we, the community, do what we can to maintain it. The Korean neighbor puts on her little straw hat and gardening gloves, grabs her basket and goes out to the lot to pick wild flowers for salad or tea or something. You would think she’s in a vast field out in the country somewhere the way she sets out to do her daily tasks of picking berries. She then comes to me handing me what looks like a nasty weed and says, “Here, you eat.” I squinch up face and say, “Eat it?” She shakes her head and says, “Yea, you put in bowl and eat on lettuce,” as she goes through the motions of putting something to your lips and eating. I say okay and try to walk away. But she insists on standing there, looking in my garden and asks me what is growing. “Mostly weeds,” I tell her. She says, “Oh, not good, you pull.” Yeah, yeah, I’ll get to it…or not. “Okay,” I tell her and walk away quickly because I was just in a groove. I’m dreading going back to the computer because I have completely lost my train of thought and the emotion that was driving me.

And then…going out to get the mail is like a recon mission. I have to peek out the windows to make sure no one is out there and open the door to look around even further down the road and almost run to the end of the driveway and back without it looking like I’m a mental patient that is trying to escape.

I’m friends with the across the street neighbors too. And not just one of them, all of them, for at least five houses in a row. Not only that, but I’m still in my lush attire. Do I really need to go get the mail you ask? Well, yes, some days I do because I am probably waiting for a book that I ordered on line or some unnecessary part for my bike.

But in all, it’s a pretty glorious and charmed life, I must say. There are so many good things that outweigh this one minor hindrance, so I’m not complaining, I’m just sayin’.

There is definitely a book in here somewhere. This neighborhood is the perfect place to be written about.

~Live Happy


25 thoughts on “The Neighbors

  1. This was so fun to read! It felt like a little entertaining book snippet…you should take that and roll with it…err…if you can hide from the neighbors long enough that is! I loved every minute.

    And I think your attire matches mine, what are you saying? I work a normal day job and the pajamas and sweatpants go on the minute I walk through the door…life is too short! 🙂

    Have a great day and thanks for sharing!

  2. That sounds a bit like “country living”. My neighborhood is similar. There are many retirees but fortunately they travel so I know I'll get an occasional reprieve.

    We have “woods” across the street so I'm safe except for wandering deer, coyotes, foxes or other creatures that make a seldom appearance.

    There is one neighbor behind me, though, that I do try to “run” from. She drives me batty with her know-it-all attitude.

    Happy Writing!

  3. The best part about my neighborhood is that none of the neighbors talk to me. Not one. Been here three years and still don't know their names. I wave if I happen to see them but that's about it. The kid across the street plays with Monster Baby but I don't ever see the parents. It's nice.

  4. Ha! That was funny:)

    I have retirees on either side…who spend every other day on their John Deere whether the grass is in need of a trim or not. They're bored outta their minds, and always out for some company…so yeah, I'm feelin ya.

  5. Haha! I live in a condo complex and feel similarly. Friendly with two neighbors in my building and being in a very secluded and woodsy community has me pining for just a few minutes outdoors where I can be kind of slovenly. But sometimes that lure of adult conversation (the two year old hasn't perfected those skills yet) has me making myself presentable and running outside when I hear/see someone. Hmmmm… perhaps I'm the one that accosts people. Uh oh.

  6. I am so not the neighborly type. I usually mumble something nonsensical about the weather and crawl back in my cave. I'm weird about my personal space and wouldn't want people to start “stopping by” since I'm usually just in underroos in the summer. Not really attire for the pop-in.

  7. Kristi~Thanks Kristi and I agree, life is too short. 😉

    Reforming Geek~ Ah, the know-it-all's. I have one of those too. She comes by and throws seeds from her flower garden in my front yard. Drives me nuts. But it's just proof that I've really mellowed in the aging process. Normally, I'd come out with my Red Ryder B.B. Gun and poke HER eye out. Thanks for following.

    Piedmont~ Yeah, that used to be me too, but when we moved in to this neighborhood, they were all up in our business. Hmmph.

    Terry~ Yes, were nothing alike.;)
    Sometimes I wear my flaming skulls pajama pants or my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They used to be my sons jammies.

    Elliot~ Yes! That's the old man next to me, but he brings me tomatoes imported from Italy, and they are delicious, so who am I to really complain. 😉 Thanks for following by the way. Hope to see you here often.

    Kim~ Ha! I understand. When my kids were little, I needed more than conversations about Barney and the Teletubbies. Or mixing up monster-be-gone potions. 😉

    Pal~ Underoos! They still make those? That's awesome! Any Wonder Woman or Spiderman? They were my favorite. I used to secretly wish they would have babies. Hmmm?

  8. Totally enjoyed this post! I too hide from neighbors but my three year old is ever eager! I know if I step out the door I'll never get back in to do anything I planned for the day. I try to keep the windows closed on the street side so my girl doesn't get lured by the sounds of other children when I particularly want to remain inside.

    Stopping by from The Lady Bloggers Tea Party.

    Very happy to meet you!

  9. I find my neighborhood to be a mixed blessing. When my kids were young and we all built houses at the same time, it was fun to socialize and be sitting outside for hours, watching the kids play. Now, not so much. Small talk is a lot of work and I am not very good at it. Tonight we have a neighborhood gathering and I know I will be one of the first to bail. Sigh.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I have to admit that I LOVE facebook. I got on before my son went to college and it has been a great way to get a glimpse of his life away from home. And I have connected with some relatives now that live far away. So FB gets a thumbs up from me. BUT – I have not figured out why I would want to put my blog self on there.

  10. lol awkward conversations never seem to go away do they? i don't have regular neighbors like you do, but i always hope no one will be in the elevator when i'm in it. awkward elevator-talk is the worst.

  11. Rene~ Yeah, it's a double edged sword. Thanks for stopping by.

    Mary~ Thanks and thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    Kathy~ Ha! I can totally relate to that. The things we have to distract our kids from… Thanks for stopping by and following.

    Karen~ That's exactly what it is! I'm not good at small talk either and I have no desire to be good at it.
    And ya know, I did find a long lost family member on FB, so I guess it is good for something. 😉

  12. In from the LBTP (and you stopped by my site–thanks for that). 😉

    You are too funny in your lush attire.

    Writers tend to live in their own worlds, often interrupted. I do late night write-a-thons. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for losing sleep over writing, but if you want something bad enough…

    Anyway, really great post! Love your style. Lush attire and all.

  13. I go to work 5 days a week, but I immediately put PJ pants on when I get home. And I often walk my dogs in them. Let the neighbors think what they want. 😉

  14. I'm lucky because of the hours I keep, I rarely see any of my neighbors (in my apartment building), not that they're not nice, I'm not one for idle chit chat. For me it's, “let's either have a meaningful conversation or just shut the f*ck up.”

  15. Neighbors is going to be one of the themes for “Mia Monday” in the next couple of weeks.

    You are invited to take part in “Mia Monday”. Tomorrow we are posting 5 photos of ourselves the photos can be at any time or place in your life. Just tell us some information about the photos.

    Next Monday will be Embarrassing Moments.

    Warm wishes…I am visiting from the tea party.

  16. Im exactly like you. I do all of my writing and work in my pajamas most days I dont shower till well after 5pm! Fortunately for me, most of my neighbors are at work so they dont see me dressed like that!

    PS: this cracked me up:

    “..going out to get the mail is like a recon mission.”


  17. R.M.~ Thanks for stopping by. I do some late night writing myself.

    Colleen~ I have a neighbor like that and she also walks around the neighborhood in her p.j's but hers are all stylish. You're right, who cares?

    Marty~ Same here. I hate small talk.

    Kimberly~ Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the invite.

    Mel~ Yeah, most of my neighbors are retired or work from home. That's probably while I feel like such a slug. They work from home and still walk outdoors showered and dressed, ready for anything.

  18. My neighbors hate me.
    But it's okay because I am a bitch. I don't let the kids ride through my yard on their bikes (think old, evil cat lady) and I chase stray dogs with my broom. Plus? I've blown out a couple of flip-flops chasing after the riff-raff that terrorize the ducks in our ponds.
    OMG, did I just type 'riff-raff'? Again? I hate that I'm becoming my Grandfather. Sweet as he was to me, he was just, so….old.

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