My Muse Is Not Happy With Me

My muse has left the building. He’s fed up with my lack of being able to go with his flow. He threw his banana peel at me as he slammed the door behind him. I begged him not to go but he didn’t care. He said he’d come back and check on me in few days to see if I’m ready to stop sniveling and get to work. So what did I do? I immediately got to work and made a huge decision that I’ve been hemming and hawing about for years now. I’m going blond! Yep, you heard me, that’s what I decided to do.

I got to work immediately. I watched endless you tube videos of teenage girls going from dark to platinum. I learned a bit about the trends that are going on right now too. Could be some good material in there for my WIP or even a future book but for now back to going blond. I really wanted platinum just to see what it would look like. Most of these girls all had the same exact directions and advice on how to go about it and what products to use so I figured, well, there must be something to this. So I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply.

It took me three days, two boxes of color, two bleachings, two tonings and a hair cut. What am I left with you ask? Yes, I still have hair. It held up pretty well considering the torture I put it through. But after each process I did a deep conditioning reconstructing treatment so I think that helped. That was my idea. 😉 My hair is almost white with some slight yellowish tint. No. You’re not getting pictures, use your imagination!

My hairdresser was not happy with me. I told her to shut her mouth, I thought I did a pretty good job, just cut my hair. I’ll give it a couple of weeks to heal and then I’ll do the final bleaching, until then I’ll just have to get some great new trendy hats. I’ve always wanted to do a hat thing. Maybe you’ll get pictures then.

I just want you to know, I feel refreshed and ready to get back together with my muse.
I think I hear him coming in the door. Oh, he won’t even recognize me. I can’t wait ’til he sees what I’ve done with our time apart. I hope he likes my hair.

~Live Happy

P.S. I did get about 3,000 words on paper today. Maybe I’ll be able to use five of them if I’m lucky.


13 thoughts on “My Muse Is Not Happy With Me

  1. Hey, let me know if blondes really do have more fun. If they do, I might join you! 🙂

    I just finished my MASSIVE overhaul of TDYDK and I am bushed. But it's better. Much better, I think. I cut nearly 10,000 words out of it and it is now lean and mean. Whee.

    If you wrote 3,000 words today, maybe you don't need that damned muse. I notice he's male. Just like a man to flee right when you need him … 😉

  2. Oh my! You brave girl!

    Saying that, I was blond for years. It's something most brunettes do once in their lifetime. In the end I just couldn't stand the regrowth – or the expense for that matter.

    I'm sure you look great. But just to be sure, I, your loyal follower requires a PHOTO!

    Enjoy the smell of bleach wafting up your nostrils!

  3. Blonde is something I never will do. It doesn't go well with the naturally tan skin. ;P

    that's awesome though. I hope your muse likes it.

    you'll have to let us know if people treat you differently now that you're a blond.

  4. I imagine you, like a wild Marilyn Monroe, fiercely typing away weaving your wonderful stories.

    How awesome for you!

    Thanks for posting this. I'm in the sniveling place right now but thank you for inspiring me.


  5. Terry ~ Is TDYDK completely finished? Again.
    I will definitely let you know if I have more fun,but that's hard to imagine since I already have alot of fun. 😉

    Wendy ~ It has taken me years to get the courage and I'm sure I'll get sick of the maintenance pretty quick but I had to try it. A photo will proudly displayed.

    HannaH ~ I'll let you know about my blond adventures. Although if I still had my long hair it would probably be more adventurous.

    Marty ~ You'll get a photo!

    Don ~ Sheesh! It sounds brutal when you say it. Maybe it's just that sentence being alone with nothing to cushion it. I'll put up a photo eventually.

    RC ~ Oh I love that! Marilyn Monroe. Snivel away my friend, just don't stay too long.

    Laura ~ Yes, I felt very brave when I finally did it. And then I had to be brave again because it took even more bleach. I'm just grateful my hair didn't fall out.

  6. Oh man, I learned the hard way years ago NEVER to mess with my own hair! Ive been thinking of adding some blond hightlights to my hair this summer, but Im not sure I can pull off such a light color!

    You're lucky you didnt fry off all your hair!

  7. Mel ~ I am quite lucky!

    Kellie ~ I was sooo sick of the brown with blond highlights crap! It seems like the thing to do and as we all know, if it's IN, I'm OUT.

  8. You are brave! I hardly ever colored my hair (well, it's pretty close to black so any major changes would look weird on me.) But I'm happy to live vicariously through you!

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