I’m Married!

We did it! We jumped over the broom. Literally.

We got married on Monday, May 10th, the anniversary of our first date five years ago. We didn’t know it was a first date until after the fact.

A little over five years ago Dave and I were introduced through a mutual friend. His nick name at the time was Harley Davidson Dave because of his love for riding and building motorcycles. I had called him a few months after we were introduced because I was looking for a used motorcycle. It took some time but he approached me on Mother’s Day at Route 66 drag strip, we were both there for the events going on that day. He told me he knew of a motorcycle that would be perfect for me. Of course my response was, “How much is it?”
His reply was, “It’s free.” I said “shut up”, he said “no I’m serious” and this is how the conversation went for a minute.

That Tuesday (May 10) he picked me up at my house on his bike and we rode all the way out to Wildwood to look at this bike. It was in great condition but it was a Kawasaki. Not what I wanted, but it was free so how could I resist?! This was supposed to be the end and he would take me home.

He made a phone call and  turned to me and said, “Well, my brother’s making ribs at his house, do you want to go?”
“Umm, okay, where does he live?”
“Lake Geneva.”
It was the most beautiful spring day and I love Lake Geneva and ribs, so I figured ‘what the hell.’

We took a ride around the neighborhood that we were currently in and I fell in love with the houses, the people, the lake…There were people out jogging and walking their dogs, their children, etc… It seemed like one of those perfect little villages. I felt a sense of community as we rode down all of the winding roads and could smell all of the flowers blooming. It was the perfect day. I made a comment that this is exactly the kind of neighborhood I would love to live in.

We went to his brothers and it was perfect. All of Dave’s nieces and nephews were fabulous and the sunset was amazing that night. Dave and I haven’t left each others side ever since. We both talked about how it would only be a summer fling and then came fall and then came winter and so on. A year and a month later we bought a house in that wonderful neighborhood. It was everything I expected and more. I have made great friends with our neighbors and we have dinners together and all sorts of things.

Dave and I were going to get married at the court house and call it a day, but the neighbors wouldn’t allow that to happen. They hooked us up with this oh-so-wonderful minister that was willing to perform the ceremony that Dave and I had written and stay true to our beliefs, not hers. The neighbors, our friends, all took a part in bringing this together. One of them brought all the food, the other ordered the cake and desserts, one of them video taped it and made us a beautiful wedding dvd, Dave’s mom brought a ton of beautiful flowers in pots so that I could keep them and plant them in our yard. It was the most amazing celebration and the way everyone came together made it that much more special. I am still in awe at how fantastic everyone was.

I had no idea that people like this existed. They have restored my faith in humankind. We have all made plans to organize sports games and trips for all of us. Ultimate frisbee, volleyball, canoeing, kayaking, etc…
We have already reserved a lodge in Missouri on the Black River in the Ozarks for a week in the summer. We’re doing Jaws in the park Memorial weekend on our lake on a huge projection screen and getting the whole neighborhood together. We are taking classes and learning how to manage a community organic garden so we can have tasty veggies all summer long.

I have to say, a little kindness goes such a long way. We have all had our own experiences in our lives, but I don’t feel judged by these people and they are not judged by me. It is more than I could have ever thought to ask for.

And now for some  pictures…

We are walking to the lake to get married. Walking with the minister are our friends Susan and Steve.
This is Dave’s Mom. She has an abundance of amazingness.
Here we are getting married.

Here we are jumping over a broom crossed with a sword.
The broom represents sweeping and cleaning up, leaving the past behind and starting with a clean slate. 
The sword represents power and personal responsibility.
My wonderful, beautiful, perfect children.
I just can’t seem to take a normal picture, EVER!
Making it legal.
Okay, I won’t bore you with anymore pictures. I wish you were there.

So, Dave and I want to thank everyone but I have no idea what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions that are reasonably priced?


15 thoughts on “I’m Married!

  1. YAY!!!! I am soooooo happy for you!!!! Thank you so much for the pictures. Dave seems like a really nice guys and the neighborhood where you live only exists in fairy tales.

    Congratulations & best wishes to you both!! 🙂

  2. You guys look so perfect together. Keep loving and living to the fullest…

    BTW,I love your vest thingy…so you.

    Why don't you guys just have a cookout and invite everyone, honor them each with some tricket of appreciation and meat…lots of meat. ;D

  3. Congratulations, Gina and Dave!!

    What a gorgeous couple you make. Your wedding sounds simply perfect. I love that you jumped over the broom! Definitely my sort of wedding.

    As for thanking your friends? I would just continue being you. After all, that's what they love about you. I'm sure your friendship would be payment enough. It's not about gifts, nor would they want it to be.

    May your lives be filled with laughter, happiness and the occasional bottle or two of jolly good red wine xx

  4. What a story. Wow. Just incredible. Don't let anyone ever tell you that dreams don't come true! We're so incredibly lucky and blessed, aren't we? It really CAN happen.

    You guys make such an awesome couple and I wish you all the happiness I have in my marriage.

    Your dress is gorgeous and Dave looks so handsome. What a moving post, Gina. You SO deserve everything good in your life.

  5. DL ~ Thank you. He is pretty great!

    Justine ~ Thank you and it's good to see you again.

    Kellie ~ Thank you. I love that vest too. It's so old. I guess some things can be used over and over again.

    Wendy ~ Thank you. I couldn't wait to put the broom thing into effect. It was fun. It's surprising how many people haven't heard of that. As far as the friends, you're absolutely right. We are all kind of there for each other when the time calls for it.

    Terry ~ Thank you. And yes, we are incredibly blessed. It's kind of amazing.

    DL ~ YAY! Thank you for the award.

  6. (I tried to comment from work three times and it never took it, hate the work computers!) Congratulations, Gina! You and Dave are a great looking couple! I wish you both a long and happy life and marriage! Cheers!

  7. Oh honey, I am so happy for you and Dave!!! I wish you a long and happy marriage. I absolutely LOVE these photos. I just wish I could have been there to celebrate with you!

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