Five Questions

Thank you Terry  for tagging me. It will help bring me out of that dreadful place I was in.

Five questions with five answers each, then choosing five people to pass it on to.
Warning: I am quite the boring person so read at your own risk. Make sure you have some synthetic energy handy.

Where were you five years ago?

~ Going on my first date with Dave saying it was just a summer fling
~ Working as a painter, painting and restoring homes
~ Finishing up what seemed to be an endless cycle from a four year psychotic stalker
~ Obsessing about writing a book wanting to be a writer
~ Having dinners every Sunday at my house with tons of recovering addicts, in which everyone got their turn to bring a dinner and cook for everyone

Where would you like to be in five years?

~ A published author drawing from my never ending well of creativity working on more books
~ Living in Italy
~ Running a fun business that benefits people and brings them together
~ Running a foundation for single mothers and children to give them an opportunity at a good education and quality of life. (It all starts with the kids)
~ Traveling with Dave on our motorcycles

What is on your to-do list today?

~ Call the lady reverend to marry Dave and I on Monday
~ Pay my bills
~ E-mail Terry my overview of his novel (I finished it three days ago)
~ Work out
~ Get back to working on my book (and off the pity-pot because I’ve now got a ring around my ass)

What snacks do you enjoy?

~ Baby spinach, tomato, green pepper and onions, dressed in olive-oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, salt and pepper
~ Edimame with plenty o’ salt
~ Cottage cheese
~ Crescent rolls baked with German bakers chocolate sprinkled with coconut
~ Chocolate fondue with strawberries, cherries and bananas

What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
~ Set up accounts for my children
~ Open a place of business for people to network and have good time and open Dave’s bike shop
~ Start a singe mom foundation to insure the best possible life for them and their children, making sure that education is readily available to them
~ Buy a home in Italy with a vineyard, write and travel
~ I would have my Harley completely worked over into tip top shape and of course whatever Dave wants.  Oh. And I would have a house boat to travel the ocean at my leisure and catch really big fish. I love the ocean

I know that’s more than five but that’s the way it is.


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Thank you guys for your encouragement and support saving me from my momentary lapse of out of character insanity. I love you guys.


13 thoughts on “Five Questions

  1. Okay, I'm supposed to be working but this is way more fun and since my head is full on snot (I've got a cold) I'd rather do this. Here we go!!!

    Where were you five years ago?
    1) Living in a waaay to small condo with a toddler, hubby, and too much crap.
    2) Working in a crappy job I hated working with crappy people that I also hated.
    3) Was about 7 months pregnant with my son feeling large and emotional but excited.
    4) Being pissed that George W. was president.
    5) Wondering how I was going to balance a crappy job, two kids, and life in general.

    Where would you like to be in five years?
    1) Enjoying spending time with my daughter before she enters the teenage years and she ignores me because I'm a lame old lady.
    2) Healthy and flexible even though I'll be 48 years old.
    3) Writing humorous essays that people actually read and enjoy…making some money off them would be nice too.
    4) Wine tasting with the Hubby as much as we can possibly squeeze into our crazy lives.
    5) Taking a safari trip to Africa would be totally awesome before I turn 50, or on my 50th Bday whichever comes first.

    What is on your to-do list today?
    1) Write email campaign for a client.
    2) Mop the floor.
    3) Pull some weeds.
    4) Take daughter to dance class.
    5) Make dinner, clean up, do homework, read books, talk to the Hubby…then CRASH because I'm exhausted.

    What snacks do you enjoy?
    1) Starbucks (need I say more?)
    2) Mozzarella, Romano Tomatoes, Chopped Basil all drizzled with Olive Oil
    3) Warm Brownies and a tall glass of cold Milk
    4) Pirate's Booty (I can down a whole bag in one evening)

    What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
    1) Pay off my, my family's, and my friend's bills
    2) Set my kids up forever
    3) Buy a farm in Ojai California and a bunch of cows, goats, chickens, horses, llamas, cats, dogs, OH, and a Koi Pond
    4) Donate craploads of my money to the World Wildlife Federation, Educational institutions I believe in (would have to do some research), Make A Wish Foundation, American Cancer Society, Children's Hospital, Nature Conservancy…and others
    5) Buy myself a nice pair of diamond earrings (I've always wanted some of those)

    That's it! Now, to make my dreams come true. But first I gotta mop the floor. LOL!!!

  2. Just stopped by to say HI! *waves enthusiastically*

    Love your blog and love your list!!!

    So are those your boxers in the dog photo??? I have one myself!

  3. RC ~ You are a pretty amazing woman I must say.

    Kristi ~ Thanks for stopping by AND commenting AND following. Those are not my dogs, I had to borrow the photo because I have a dog, a cat and a snake. I thought about having them chase each other in the yard and capturing that in the photo but I couldn't figure out if the snake or the dog would eat the cat so I just left that one alone. 😉

  4. I'm really, really glad you're in a better place. Your list is far more exciting than mine! Seriously. I'm like the most boring person on the planet, apparently… 🙂

    Oh, and you rock.

  5. Terry ~ You hunt for treasure for christsake! How can you be boring?!

    Mel ~ Okay you're on. Man the list of things we're going to do is getting long. Funerals, Italy, nut houses…WooHoo! I can't wait!

    Marty ~ Thank you and I love the word 'fancy'.

    Laura ~ Maybe we'll all be able to meet up there someday and squish grapes.

  6. OMG, I have a ring around my ass too!!

    I like how you just casually mention that you're getting married. Yay! That's great and I congratulate you madam.

    I will respond to this after I am done with the bday giveaway. It's sucking all my time. 😛

    I'm glad your back and at 'em!

  7. Kellie ~ Yeah, I can sometimes get stuck on there for longer than I'd like and don't even know it.

    Pal ~ Thank you for the congrats. I mentioned it casually because it's just a casual thing. It's going to be small, intimate and on our lake. We came up with the idea last Monday and decided a week was long enough to plan. So far it's all falling into place. I couldn't imagine planning this for an entire year and doing all the things a huge wedding takes. I'd rather not stress. Have fun with your bday giveaway.

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