Fuzzy Memories

For those of you that don’t know, I am working on a novel that is loosely based on my personal experience.
As I was finishing up a chapter yesterday, I realized that my memory was a bit fuzzy on some things. Out of curiosity, I had called my mother to get some answers.

For whatever reason I have the ability to think about these times in a comical way. I look back and many things were so absolutely absurd that it’s hard not laugh sometimes.

I couldn’t quite remember how this particular incident ended. If I were to tell the story, I guess it sounds quite tragic, but it really isn’t anything I wasn’t used to. By the age of seven I had surrendered to what my life would be like. I knew it wasn’t right but I was also aware that I was seven and I had no choice in the matter.

When I called, I warned my mother that the question was a bit odd and out of nowhere. I had explained to her what prompted the question and let her know it was coming from a place of humor. I wanted to brace her for the question. My mother can be a bit over reactive. Bless her heart.

“Do you remember when we lived with so-and-so? What had happened after you hit him over the head with a baseball bat?”

She was silent. I proceeded to tell her what I remembered. It turns out the reason she did it and why I thought she did it were close. Same subject, different findings.

She did throw in that she had complete control while swinging this bat at his head. ??? I just laughed.

It turns out that my mother was not arrested as I had thought and, he lived, which I knew but I just thought I’d let you guys know.  Eventually when I finish the book, you will all be able to read about this adventure and many more that Shay will be taking on vicariously through me.

So far between Monday and now, I have written 10,000 words, with a slight interruption for an emergency with my dog. She’s ok now, just some minor surgery for an aging girl.

I was also offered an opportunity to be a beta reader for an upcoming author, Terry Towery. I am enthralled with The Devil You Don’t Know, but unfortunately only get pockets of time to read it. It is a great read and I know you will all be looking for his name on bookshelves soon.

Ta~ta for now.

~Live Happy


16 thoughts on “Fuzzy Memories

  1. Oops, sorry. I was so weirded out by that damned baseball bat up there that I forgot to thank you for the props. We shall see about that “upcoming author” thing, but thank you just the same.

    Keep writing and you'll probably beat me to that bookstore.

  2. Ahh, yes I remember that scene in the book. Maybe that's what prompted the memory for me. Thanks.

    By loosely, I mean absolutely true to the best of my recollection. Well, maybe just in that chapter. Who knows. Who cares. It's all fiction now anyway, right?

    You're shit's too good not be published. Our experience has to pay off somehow. Balance, my friend, balance. ;~)

  3. I so cannot wait to read your book. Hurry!! Okay, sorry. I don't want to put any additional pressure on you (because I'm sure you pressure yourself enough). I am so impressed that you've poured out that many words in only four days! You've inspired me!!!

    I will definitely check out The Devil You Don't Know after I finish Lit: A Memoir by Mary Karr. It's an amazing book. So many books to read! Need. More. Time!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the story! There's an excellent book out that discusses something similar to what you addressed about different perspectives and how each has its own color – Seven Types of Ambiguity. I hope the writing of this story has lent itself to some healing for you (sounds traumatic). 🙂

  5. Wendy~ me too.

    Teresa~well I wouldn't go so far as to say sane, but we're not alone and that's a relief. What is sane anyway?

    Laura~I'm not so proud of my temper either.;)

    RC~ the pressure's good for me. I work better that way.

    Kim~it is surprisingly healing and frustrating.;)

    DL~I hope so.

  6. G,

    Perception is so odd, isn't it? I remember some pretty crazy things from my childhood and often wonder if they really happened that way.

    Just so you know, I have one of those Louisville sluggers under my bed…just in case.


  7. Hi, saw your blog on Hannah's blog. Sounds like an interesting scene! I love reading (and writing) stories from a child's perspective. Good luck with the rest of novel!

  8. I often have to ask my mom, “what the heck really happened on 'such-and-such' day?”

    Im very proud and impressed with your dedication and the commitment to keep on writing. You're a huge inspiration to me.


  9. Kellie ~ I carry a tire iron on the drivers side of my car between the floor and seat; just in case. 😉

    Marty ~ Thank you. I'm pounding. I've noticed that some of your stories and my stories are similar. Except, I didn't want to be a firetruck. 😉

    zz ~ Thaks for stopping by and becoming a follower.

    Mel ~ How's the writing coming lady?

  10. Well, I had slacked off for quite some time – but now that I've been sick and injured – I haven't been out very much, so there's been nothing for me to do BUT write! And that's a good thing! xoxo

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