Visions and Laughter

Have you guys ever been in the middle of a conversation with someone when out of nowhere you have a vision of just whipping an apple at their head? Or while they’re talking to you and nibbling on something, just walking over with a dead pan expression and slapping their stupid little treat right out of their hand? Well, I do. This happens to me quite often.

When this happens, I can’t help but to burst out laughing and then I’m sure you can picture the look on someone’s face while in the midst of their story, I just begin to giggle uncontrollably. I actually have to make myself concentrate at times so that these images don’t interrupt what I am doing in the moment. The best is when I’m alone and this happens. Then I laugh even harder when I hear my own laughter and realize I’m by myself laughing my ass off. (Please don’t commit me).

Well, both of my children have the same idiosyncrasy. My daughter and I were sitting at McDonald’s innocently eating our Big Mac’s when a guy walked by our table and my daughter just broke out in hysterics, which made me do the same. When she could catch her breath enough she began to tell me that as the guy was walking by, she said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if he just took our Big Mac’s and threw them on the floor and kept walking?”  We laughed so hard tears came to our eyes. And my laugh is one that causes my body to jerk uncontrollably, rock back and forth and you can hear it from across the street. Periodically throughout the day this image will flash through our minds and we crack up again.

It could happen at any time, anywhere and out of nowhere, I just laugh. The people who know me, know what’s going on and I’m sure it might be quite embarrassing at times for them but it’s a curse I (we) have to live with. And they have learned not to ask, “What?” because it takes me a good hour to explain what I just saw due to a lack of oxygen and ongoing bouts of laughter.

I used to enjoy this affliction before I realized that most people don’t find it as humorous as I do when I try and explain the picture. “Whipping an apple at someone’s head? My gosh, they could be seriously hurt,” someone might say to me. Then of course I feel like an evil soul that has come to roam the earth for an eternity of obscene visions and twisted laughter.

Sadly enough, it even happens to me at funerals which I won’t go into here. I’m sure you can come up with your own scenarios, which would make you agree with most people in  my life saying that I have a sick sense of humor.

But now, I guess it’s not a curse after all, someone has sent me a girl and a boy who can enjoy these little glimpses of hilarity with me. YAY!

~Live Happy

Oh, and so far this week I have cranked out an estimate of 8,000 words. I’m finding that I am going back trying to remember who had green eyes and who had blue or if they are returning the keys or the gun. And every now and then Shay and Jake will carry on their own little conversation that doesn’t quite go along with the plan I had for them but I’m going with it.

For now, I’ll just write and edit later.

As far as my painting goes, I spent all week trying to find the right red. I also bought myself some pastels. WooHoo! Oh how I love pastels. I tend to draw on my walls every now and then so I figure the non-oil-based pastels would be best for washing off if necessary. Dave thinks the stick figure with big hair walking across our living room wall on a tight rope is kind of dumb, but I like it.



20 thoughts on “Visions and Laughter

  1. OMG – you too??!! And here I thought it was just me! Funny how it rubbed off on your children. I think I would be committed if some people knew the thoughts that were going through my head while they were talking to me. It's sad…and funny 😉

    I've got a guest blogger on my blog today. Matthew Rush discusses Gender and Publishing. If you get a chance, you should go take a look. Thanks!


  2. LOL! I have those visions too. Mostly they are of me getting up and walking away while the other person is in mid-sentence. I think it's a good thing that we can't read minds. We'd probably be shocked and appauled…or laughing our assess off!

    Keep up the writing!


  3. Yes! I often see myself reachng out and smacking someone upside the head as they blather on and on.

    I'm also one of those weird people who sometimes feels an almost uncontrollable urge to do exactly what SHOULDN'T be done. If I see a button, I want to push it, etc.

    No wonder I go to those damned meetings three times a week … 😉

    WORD VERIFICATION: Ovehums. Hmmmm.

  4. no wonder we are soulmates! I not only imagine these things, I do them! I've knocked things out of peoples hands and I laugh and laugh. Although I keep the following things in my head: tripping children, smashing ice cream cones into peoples faces, smacking cell phones, tripping people with my umbrella, and throwing heavy things…mostly. If I spawned children, the world would know it.

  5. Justine ~ …But mostly funny. Oh, and that was a great post by Matt. The women will be running the world before you know it.

    RC ~ I'll take laughing our asses off.

    DL ~ Yes I am

    Terry ~ Blather…that's a great word.
    Push the button Terry, push the button!

    Laura ~ Screw embarrassment, it's a wasted emotion. Laugh your ass of instead.

    Kellie ~ Ya think?

    Hannah ~ You are my hero!

  6. I don't quite think of throwing apples at people, BUT, I do see things and find them hysterically funny and laugh until I hurt. I mean, really, there is just so much funny stuff out there in the world. Hairy backed men wearing wife-beater tanks? It's enough to make me pee myself. Really, I understand if you are born hairy, you can't help that. BUT, either wax that sh*t or cover up. And NO man should wear a wife beater anyway.
    But I digress. Yeah, so my husband and best friends all think the same way as I do, so we can just look at each other and know exactly why we are about to laugh until snot-bubbles happen.

    Oh, and I laughed until I cried, inappropriately, at a funeral once. I had to excuse myself. But the ladies were fanning themselves and 'fainting', in dramatic fashion. What was I to do, I ask you?

  7. I haven't had a good laugh like that in a while.
    I'm going to have to use your vision to get there. I really need a laugh!

    Just found the email I thought I sent you. It was in draft. Sending.
    It's quite outdated and useless, but it's where my head has been.


  8. Christi ~ Maybe we're not supposed to stop ourselves. I'm finding the follow through a bit more entertaining. I mean hell, laughter is the cure for everything right?

    Lola ~ I love snot bubbles. You'll have to share your funeral story with us sometime.

    T ~ It's great to see you back. I hope all is well. If not, come and rant. I hear it's good for the soul.

    Marty ~ Maybe that should be your next goal – 365 funerals. That would be fun!

  9. That's it! Now I know for SURE that WE ARE RELATED. There is no need for DNA testing.

    I am forever imagining things JUST LIKE THAT when people are talking to me, and I hate having to explain WHY I am laughing out loud and IN THEIR face when they are usually telling me a serious story.

    Thankfully, My RLF know this about me and they are used to my bouts of uncontrollable and often inappropriate laughter.

    PS: You are coming WITH me the next time I have to attend a funeral.

    CONGRATS on the 8,000 words. You are seriously KICKING MY ASS!

  10. You are hilarious. I was hysterical picturing you and your daughter (only in mind, it was me and my daughter.)
    I know just what you mean about picturing those crazy, unpredictable scenarios. Usually mine involve wanting to pound someone's head (husband's)against the windshield. Wait a minute, How come yours is funnier?
    Anyhoo, I just sold my first novel, I paint, and I have a kid named Shay. … and you made me laugh, so I figured I'd leave a comment. You go on the word count.
    ps, I love my husband, I just get so cranky …

  11. Kim ~ It's so good to see that I'm not alone in my insane little world.

    Mel ~ Hey soul sister. I'm in for the funeral adventure. Now get to work on that book!

    RLS ~ I'm glad you stopped by and left a comment. Quite strange that we have all that in common. I thought I just made up the name Shay. It's a great name.

    Congratulations on selling that first novel. How exciting!

    And I think pelting someone's head into a 1/2 inch piece of glass could actually be quite comical, especially if you were looking from the outside. 😉

  12. Now, I don't think this is an odd trait at all, however, I'm probably odd because I agree with you. And my habits have rubbed off on my kids, as well.

    I think this trait is from an active imagination. I can border on rude and really piss people off — often!

    See ya around,


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