Soul Mates Award

Look! Look! I got another award. I love awards. It’s from my crony Terry Towery at A Writer of Wrongs. Thanks Terry. I would give this award to Terry if he hadn’t already given it to me. He has been supportive and motivational on my writing journey and his blog is absolutely fantastic. He’s a pretty interesting and entertaining guy. You should go check it out.
Okay, so the rules for this one are to pick five followers to give this to and make up big, fat lies about them. So, here goes…

First up is Meleah over at Momma Mia Mea Culpa who by the way recently won the title of Ms. Italy in their 2010 beauty pageant. She was an assassin for the Italian government, it’s just like the Mafia, and was given the key to the Doritos factory where she had her last job. She eventually retired and decided to build a straw hut in the jungles of Columbia where she now stitches baseball’s for a living. (Wink Wink).

Next is Kellie at Women’s Life Link. She is a street performer at Piccadilly Circus in London and regularly shows off her mad snake charming skills by Eros. She had to flee the United States for taking her lion to the movies and she ripped the tag off of her mattress, but the worst part of it all was she was wearing her Wal-Mart clothes when she did it.


Third on the list goes to Dana and clearly has a guilty conscience because she blogs at Confessions of A Random Chick.  Confessions! I’ll say. She moonlights as a clown and does parties for the retired community when she’s not too busy sluggin’ ’em back. Her day job is the only woman Matador in existence; the bullfighting kind not a jet-powered missile.


Fourth is Nancy at The Retired Biker Housewife. She is actually a Time Bandit and has met Coco Chanel when she traveled back to the 1920’s. She was a part of the Women’s Rights Movement and would frequent the speak easies with Zelda Sayre, Louise Brooks and Charlie Chaplin. When she traveled back to 1857 she gave Joself Gayetty an idea that led to the invention of toilet paper. Ten years later she gave Walter Alcock the idea to put it on a roll.

 And lastly is Wendy a.k.a.Quillfeather at W.M. Morrell’s Musings From Down Under. She is an archaeologist who was present when the red granite head of Amenhotep III was recently discovered. She was so enraged that she cast a spell on the archaeologists that stole her thunder. She turned them into Aye-Aye’s and they haven’t been heard from since.

It was hard to pick only five because there a few more I would have liked to include and you know who you are. You’re next up if I get another award from somewhere. 😉 I love all you guys.

~Live Happy


14 thoughts on “Soul Mates Award

  1. Sorry about the deleted post above. I'm not sure what happened there.

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words, Gina. Right back at you. And thanks for the FB friend. Your life as you know it is now over.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to zip on over to Facebook and see if anyone commented on my last post! 😉

    Word verificaton: CONSTUDD.

    Hmmmmm. Sounds like a prison inmate who's good with the ladies. Or men. Or … whatever.

  2. These were great! I'd friend you up on facebook, but I quit there about five months ago. Be careful there, it can be a GIANT time sinkhole if you're not careful. I wasn't, so I had to leave.

  3. Terry ~ You have revisions to do.

    Wendy ~ That event recently happened. It was an interesting article.

    Tahereh ~ Thank you.

    Marty ~ If I find it gets out of control, I'll leave. Besides, I really love blogging.

  4. Oh what a fun award. I thank you, thank you, thank you. How ironic coming from a 'soul' sister/daughter/friend.

    This is going to be a great project, passing it on. Oh – btw, I love Shay's bio!

    Peace to you,

    NFS – The Retired Biker Housewife

  5. You are too funny, girl!!!

    Sounds like an adventure…

    Thanks for honoring me with the award and an entertaining fictional paragraph. I would give it back to you.


  6. Pal ~ Toughen up soldier!

    Kellie ~ Your welcome. It was quite fun. And the Picadilly Circus looks like fun in real life.

    RC ~ It is true! All of it! 😉

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