Honest Scrap

Yay me! I won an award from Terry, the owner of  A Writer of Wrongs. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Okay, so now this means I have to tell you ten things about myself, in which I have no idea what to tell that I haven’t already blabbed all over my blog AAAND I get to give it to six blogger friends. Okay, they might not be exactly ‘friends’, I don’t take that word lightly, but it will be blogs that I think are honest.
1. I really do want to be rich and famous. Really. 
I never wanted to be until just recently.
2. I hate committing to anything. If I have to make ‘plans’ with someone, chances are I’ll back out. But if you just call and say, I’m comin’ by or let’s go (here), I’m in.  Especially if it’s a spur of the moment road trip.
3. When listening to my iPod, I do sing and dance as if I can. Doesn’t everyone?
4. I still have and use a RAZR cell phone. I’m buying my smart phone soon.
5. I loathe conformity, schedules and appointments. 
6. I never wear a watch because I refuse to acknowledge the existence of time. It really doesn’t exist you know?
7. My dad moved to Thailand because he said that Yasir Arafat’s wife contacted him and needed him there immediately for an assignment. This was seven years ago. He’s mentally ill. But he believes it all happenin’, so it is. Go Dad! Love You!
9. I tend to be honest to a point of pushing people out of my life. I’m not brutal, it’s just that the truth is sometimes harsh and I’m not a sugar coater.
10. I dream of taking a trip around and through the country on my Harley, just to stop at all of the coffee shops, quaint, odd stores, have whatever adventure awaits me on the road and meet random people.
Now for the six Honest Scrap Winners:

1. Momma Mia, Mea Culpa ~ Meleah

5. Womens Life Link ~ Kellie
6. Sassy Secrets Society ~ Sorrywhat
Of course there are many more I would like to give this award to but I figure you guys need a break from making lists. You know who you are. 
~Live Happy

14 thoughts on “Honest Scrap

  1. Ha. I have a RAZR, too. I keep telling everyone I'm going to get a new smart phone, but I haven't yet.

    When they make a smart phone slim enough to fit into my jeans pocket, I'll buy one. Until then, screw it. I'm using this puppy until it shuts down (which could be any minute now).

  2. ~Meleah, Your Welcome.
    Hail to the non-conformists!

    ~DL, Thank You.
    Am I that transparent?

    ~Terry, They are THE best phones ever! I've dropped it on concrete, in the water, it been splayed on the floor in pieces, and it still works. The damn things are amazing.

  3. Thanks for the award…and for buying my Stupid Poetry book. I don't know what I did to deserve such wonderful support, but I really appreciate it.

    I don't wear a watch either…if you don't wear one then time doesn't exist. It's true.

  4. ~Kristy, I guess none of us are ever really alone.

    ~Dana, I don't know what you've done either but keep doing it. It makes me all tingly inside that your still visiting and commenting even though your on hiatus. Congrats on your book. It's gonna be big. Keep writing!

  5. Wow, my first blog award! Thanks a trillion (that's the new million).

    You know, I'm really glad I 'met' you. I have the crazy feeling that we may be soul sisters or something weird like that.

    Thanks again,

    I shall treasure it and put it in a cigar box for safe keeping.

  6. 2. I feel you on that one. I typically back out of plans; unless intercourse is expected. I even back out of plans with best friends. Sorry buds.

    6. I used to be completely against watches. Until this little number caught my eye:

    And, time doesn't exist, but a quirky fashion sense does.

    7. Amen sister. I am right there with you. I tend to offend those “sensitive types” on a regular basis. Grow some balls people; you know, metaphorically, if you're a female.

    Good looks.

  7. ~Lola, it's good to know were not alone.

    ~Your welcome Nancy. You deserve it. Hey, once we get our individual books published we could have Shay and Bobby…
    I'm glad we met too. We'll ride one day together. Might be sooner than later if this weather keeps up.

    ~Thanks Marty. But nothing's nicer than Boy George or even Spinal Tap. Maybe a little stray cat strut, I don't know.

    ~Joe, I have to admit, I have worn watches in the past for aesthetic appeal, but the watches never worked. When people would ask me what time it was, I had to say I didn't know. This of course made me look like an asshole. And believe me, I don't need props to look like an asshole. So now I just wear a bracelet occasionally.

    Oh, And grow some metaphorical balls ladies!

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