Okay. I wasn’t gonna get into all of this, but it’s part of my process so here it is. We have Dave’s cousin staying with us because he needed a place to stay because he got himself into trouble (again). I didn’t want him here all of the times he needed a place and he would stay with other family members, but he burnt all bridges.
Finally, I gave in because for whatever reason I thought maybe, just maybe, he was sick and tired and ready to grow up.

Well, wrongo!

He, we’ll call him H for Hemorrhoid…or Honey, whichever suits you, they both come from the same place. H lays around, watches tv and feels sorry for himself all day. This causes quite the strain on my creativity and productivity because I like to be alone when I work. I NEED to be alone when I work.

Anywho, when Dave gets home, H wants to sit with us and fucking complain about how much his life sucks and he doesn’t know why this is happening, blah, blah, fuckin’ blah!

Now—I am not known for my tolerance, patience or compassion for this kind of bullshit behavior. I’m all for self-pity for like five minutes to two days MAX! But beyond that, take your sorry ass and get the fuck out of my face.(Bless his heart).

Enough of that. So this brings us to my productivity level throughout the day. I have been on a pretty good streak lately and I’m determined to keep it up and not let this asshat have that much control.

Yesterday it was a battle between the obsession of pretend conversation that I was going to have with him and trying to quiet my mind enough to allow the creativity flow. Very unproductive. And then I get angry at the fact that this is renting all of this space in my head.

I was able to sand a little more of the project yesterday and got a few words out. Not very happy with myself about that.

Today, I was determined. I did my morning routine, went to the basement to sand for a while, then got on the hamster wheel. While I was running nowhere fast, the ideas started to come. It’s like Shay took on a life of her own and this information was being revealed to me. There were a few things that were really tragic and I loved it. So I have yet another chapter, that I swear I couldn’t have come up with on my own. I have no idea where it came from. This character has evolved. She is nothing like I thought she would be. It’s like she’s telling me who she is and I am so in love with her. She looks nothing like I had originally created and the story has exploded into something fantastic. Again, not what I would have written. So, I’m back on the happy train and life in the land of Gina is good once again.

Now to get my ASS to evolve to a smaller size…

~Live Happy

Oh, and the French Culture…Not so fond of it anymore. The more I read, the less I want to be French.


7 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. Wow, that sucks about H. I'm like you and I can't have someone around when I'm trying to write or be creative. Nice of you to take him in, but hopefully he'll find a way out soon.

    It sounds like your book is taking on a life of its on. I love it when I write something and go back to it and think, “I wrote this?” It sounds like that's what's happening to you. Congratulations on more finished pages!

  2. House guests can be difficult, especially dysfuntional ones. I'm glad you've found a happy place in your writing. It's truly a world all its own that temporarily invites us in to take notes. Have fun.

  3. H sounds familiar. I have a few “friends” and family members like that. I wouldn't let him get *too* comfortable, or you may never get rid of him!

    I'm glad your story is coming along. I can't wait to read it.

  4. H would drive me crazy too. Ugh, pity-parties are exhausting to deal with.

    It's nice to hear that inspite of what's happening with H, you were able to focus on writing!

    I need to be ALONE and have silence to get the creativity to flow too.

  5. What the “H” Gina. You are a creator, not a fixer-upper. Your hubby needs a man to man talk with the bro. You are on your way to some big things. I am sending some re-tweets your way from several of my partners for your blog today. Enjoy Your fellow blogger, Jeff

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