Another Great Day

I am happy to report that I had another great day in the life of Gina.

Two good days in a row. Whew! That hasn’t happened in…well, I can’t even remember.

I am proud to say that I have a beginning, a middle and an end. Shay is still a junkie, but her character transformed right before my eyes today while I was on the treadmill. I only got about 20 minutes in today because I was afraid I was going to lose the ideas and story, but my legs were just fine with that. They aren’t sure what they like less, the weight of carrying my ass around or the pain that I’m putting them through right now.  I’m getting back into my old jeans if it kills me. (Sorry legs, you’ll thank me later).

Anywho, it took on a new twist. A totally fuckin’ awesome one, if I do say so myself. As soon as that happened, the ideas just started pouring in. I have no idea how many words because I’m still writing it out on my ugly pink legal pad and I’ve had to add another because of the twist. I have different colored flourescent note cards everywhere a legal pad on each side of me and the computer in front of me pushed to the back just in case. Just in case of what I don’t know, but I go into serious withdrawal if it’s not there. No table top feels right without it.

As far as the project in the basement, I took a heat gun to it and used my first favorite tool on the planet, the 5-in-1 and scraped the paint from it. There is no easy, fast way to remove paint from wood. Right now it’s a tool that helps get me motivated and brainstorming. I am thoroughly enjoying the writer’s life at this moment.

~Live Happy

Did I mention I hate door to door salesman? “Look fucker! If I want what you have, I’ll fuckin’ call ya! Now scram!”


10 thoughts on “Another Great Day

  1. Glad to hear you moving on the book. Fiction is the one thing I've never tried to write, but maybe someday. And they're still door-to-door salesmen? That's wild, what was he selling? Glad to hear you had another good day!

  2. I got cornered in a Post Office today by someone pushing bibles. I literally had to push past them after the “No thank yous” didn't work the first three times I said it.

  3. I'm practically lethal when someone keeps me waiting. However, if I know it's going to be good, I'm better. And, I think your Shay is going to be good. I look forward (not impatiently, I assure you) to seeing how Shay's character has 'transformed'


  4. No pressure Nancy 😉
    It's motivating to know that there is someone out there looking forward to it. I am a bit of a people pleaser and I hate to disappoint.

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