Something to look forward to

I just booked our trip for Daytona! WOO-HOO! I feel better already. I need things to look forward to, it keeps me going. Maybe that’s been part of the problem. My life used to be so chaotic and I was going all the time, had a social life the size of…….who cares. It’s not that way anymore. I live a pretty mellow life with only people I actually like and enjoy, which isn’t very many. Yay me. Taking the action to live your dreams takes alot of focus.

I’m goin’ to Daytona Beach! My guy and I are getting married on the beach in Key West. I know I’ve called him my husband throughout, but the word boyfriend and fiance seem so, I don’t know, juvenile. Hence, “My Guy”.

It will just be the two of us. A quick twenty minute ceremony at high noon on the beach, barefoot. I’m not into the big, long, drawn out wedding scene.

This time we’ll be going to Key West first, staying for a few days, then ride up to Daytona for bike week.
I was hoping to have the bigger tanks on my bike for this trip but I dicked around too much, so we’ll just have to stop every hundred miles to gas up, which is fine with me because I need to walk and talk to someone else by that time. We’re riding down the Gulf side and through the Everglades this time to get to the Keys. I’m hoping we make it through without any gator incidents. If we don’t, I’ll have a hell of a story to tell when I get back. Hopefully I still have my fingers.

~Live Happy


6 thoughts on “Something to look forward to

  1. Thank you guys.

    DL~It's awesome there and I promise not to allow the pillows to take over his space.

    Terry~Thank you and yes, I do.

    Marty~I'll post pictures. I wouldn't want to let you down.

  2. Congrats on your upcoming marriage! Your destination wedding sounds fabulously romantic. I agree that looking forward to happy events keeps you going. I'm that way, too.

  3. First off – Congratulations on the wedding! There are few places in the world more romantic than Key West at sunset. And on the beach? Oh. My. Goodness.. =)

    As for Bike Week – have you ever been??? I live in Port Orange and work in Daytona. It's CRAZY! If I meet you and don't know it – I hope I don't offend you. hehe. Just have a great time! But be safe.

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