Okay, I know I haven’t posted in a while and I made a commitment, but I have been writing everyday. Some things just aren’t post worthy.
But, I was looking through some personality research I was doing for a character, trying to find some old inspiration and I came across this Assessment dated 1988. Maybe it’s interesting, maybe it’s not. Here is how the form is laid out:

School Committee

The Assessment of Narcissism and Narcissistic Disordered Youth
1           2  
Not Present
3           4
Slightly Present
6      7      8
Off and On Present
9      10
Always present

____ 1. Inner poverty with lack of self-esteem and genuine investment in self
____ 2. Extreme defenses to guard against emptiness, inadequacy, fear, anxiety
____ 3. Periods of narcissistic depression-despair-depression, but lots of bitterness and hostility coming through towards self and others.
____ 4. Chronic complaints about health ; always some hurt, illness or physical trauma (real or imagined) that effect the ability to perform.
____ 5. Chronic lack of energy and enthusiasm; reports lack of sleep and rest
____ 6. Lack of spontaneity and range of emotions; usually flat/angry affect.
____ 7. Guarded, repetitive self-disclosure; repeats the same message/views opinions/verbal attacks over and over; little new sharing.
____ 8. Sees self as superior, special and extraordinary despite actual behavior-poor reality testing regarding self.
____ 9. When defenses and manipulation fail or broken down, feels helpless, hopeless and empty-usually leading to acting-out/acting-in behavior
____10. Fails to take ownership and responsibility; projects blame on to others (PROJECTION).
____11. Extreme black and white thinking; rigid thinking based on own “logic”.
____12. When not projecting, denies (DENIAL) ownership and responsibility.
____13. Usual behavior: manipulative, seductive, intimidating, passive-aggressive.
____14. Limited or no healthy grief or mourning. Deals with loss by anger, resentment or no reaction.
____15. Limited or no healthy guilt feelings. Deals with guilt by feeling shamed, embarrassed, humiliated, resentful/angry.
____16. Poorly integrated moral development and value system; many times can verbalize healthy morals and values, but doesn’t believe, integrate or act on them; Acts on own morals that justifies their actions and attitudes.
____17. All encompassing sense of being right, and above the rules/ requirements. They are deserving of special treatment.
____18. Orientation to the future; a) magical, wishful thinking that fantasies will come true; b) others will provide for them in the future as they deserve it; and/or c) lack of concern and inability to discuss the future knowing all will work out.
____19. Perfectionist either feeling anything they can do can never measure up and/or others should see the perfection no matter what the actual quality/quantity of work.
____20. Stress and anxiety tolerance extremely low resulting in escapist and/or abusive behavior (ex: drugs, alcohol, violence, destruction of property, sex)
____21. Either total assurance relationships they are in will last forever or a constant fear of rejection, hurt, being used.
____22. Desire for instant, fast intimacy without real work or investment; Elaborate displays of affection, caring and commitment to “win” someone over without genuineness. Sense of conquest important.
____23. Devaluing of others and others work/accomplishments. Harsh, negative and extremely critical of others and their accomplishments.
____24. Past relationships and past history: a) selective amnesia; b) trivialized made superficial and/or; c) blown out of proportion leading to deep resentment and hurt or exxageration of superiority/accomplishments.
____25. In dealing with authority; a) seek to gain control over authority; b) covertly undermine authority and/or; c) be in constant power and control battle.
____26. Lack of empathy, compassion and concern for others’ lives, problems and feelings.
____27. Feelings of jealousy, envy and resentment at others happiness.
____28. Belief in special abilities or powers (ex: exaggerated sense of physical strength, know what others are thinking, what will happen in the future).
____29. Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse can be exciting, stimulating, power enhancing and lead to feeling of superiority/grandiosity.
____30. Narcissists see society and societal institutions as either objects to meet their needs and wants, objects to manipulate into meeting needs and wants or obstacles to their needs and wants being met.

Total Score_____

Scoring Key:

300-270     Severe narcissistic disorder; evidence of severe emotional disturbance effecting attitudinal, emotional and behavior development and change to a great extent.

269-240     Moderate to severe narcissistic disorder; evidence of emotional disturbance creating obstacles to growth, change and behavior levels.

239-210     Beginning narcissistic disorder to Moderate narcissistic disorder; inability to manage and resolve narcissistic issues developing into emotional disturbance.

209-180     Youth struggling with narcissistic issues and having narcissistic problems in attitude, wmotions and behavior periodically.

179-150     Age appropriate issues with narcissism and narcissistic resolution. Healthy attitudes, emotions and behavior.

Below 149  Extremely healthy youth successfully resolving age appropriate issue; youth with excellent healthy capacity for further growth, change and development.

(*Note: Another explanation could involve problems with depression and withdrawal).

January 13, 2010

As I was typing this form onto the page, number 17 stuck with me and I developed a mini fear throughout the rest of the form that I, myself may be a narcissist. 
If you read the comment, Anonymous wrote: How very anti-climactic. Give us more; This is what prompted my addition to this post. 

As I lay in my bed last night, I thought; what more do you want? I was just sharing an interesting form I found and thought I would allow other writers to take part. When I woke up this morning, I decided I would do an honest self-analysis, to the best of my ability and add up the score for myself. I don’t know if the adult form is different as I’m sure it is, nonetheless, I took it anyway. 
My score was 103. I’m not sure if that’s good for an adult. What I do know is that I am forever growing and on my bad days I surely score much higher. 
On seven of the questions I did score a five or higher. When I was a youth, I can say I was definitely between 240 and 300. 
Today, I do my best to live in Grace but not always an easy feat.
So Anonymous, if this isn’t enough for you, please be more specific about what you’re looking for. My crystal ball is in the shop being repaired. I hope I didn’t disappoint you too much.

~Live Happy;)


12 thoughts on “Narcissism

  1. My thought was if this was for real, I feel sorry for the partaking teenager. I've never seen a questionaire that was written so intentionally negative and leading. I wouldn't want to take it. You get depressed just reading it. And, yes, you start to wonder about your own psyche.

  2. Kellie,

    I'm glad that you saw that too. But back in 1988 I guess they didn't have much to go on. Just goes to show how harmful psychiatry can be. And back then everyone took the word of psychiatry as if it were the end all be all.

  3. I'm a lot less narcissistic than I was as a teen — but that ain't saying much! 😉

    That said, I thought it was an interesting test. Glad to see you're alive, well and still blogging, Gina!

    It's funny how you befriend someone on the Internet and then when you don't see them for a while, you start getting concerned. See? I've progressed quite a bit on the narcissism scale.

  4. Hey Terry,

    It's nice to have people be concerned about you. Thanks for that. I have been obsessed with article writing lately, so I have been sucked into the vortex of never ending research.

    You understand, I'm sure.

  5. I'm sorry but I'm way too busy to do this test…wait, my hair. Look at my hair! Isn't it lovely? OH, and my nose. I just LOVE my nose!!

    Okay, I'm sorry but I just had to. Actually, I WILL take this test and see what my final score is…even though this is for teenagers. I HOPE I am less narcissistic than I was when I was 15. YIKES!!!

  6. Gina,

    I'm back with my score of 46. Not sure so low is good either. I wonder if the same form is used today. Such forms create stigmas. Sad.

  7. Wow. That's pretty low. I'm almost sure that they don;t use that evaluation today. It's quite negative and debilitating. And you're right, such forms do create stigmas and that's pretty terrible.
    Thanks for taking the time.

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