When life gives you lemons…

So, I’m in the kitchen making myself a sammich and I hear this loud thud followed by some dragging.
I proceeded to put the salami on the bread not thinking much of it. I was starving and had just finished an agonizing morning of revisions so that I could submit my short story to Writers Digest.
As I was smashing my bread together, the little man in my head said, “You better go check it out to make sure no one is hurt.” The last time I heard that noise was last winter. A car was slammed into a tree in my front yard. But this memory hadn’t come at this point. I just listened to the little man and walked to my living room and looked out the front window.
Initially, I had thought that my garbage cans had maybe blown over, so that’s where I looked first. Everything was kosher over there. My eyes scanned the front yard, basket ball hoop was still standing, no branches had fallen from the trees in my yard and there was no car planted in my mailbox.
Then I looked a little further past my driveway where I park my cars…

That is the neighbors tree. Those are my cars. Unfortunately our home owners insurance doesn’t cover it and we only carry liability insurance on the cars.
I called my husband and said, “honey, I have some bad news.”
There was a moment of silence before he said, “Uh-oh.”
I said, “Well, it’s not that bad, but the neighbors tree fell on the cars.”
“Both of them?” he asked.
“Yeah, both of them. But it doesn’t look too bad. I’m pretty sure they’re still driveable.”
“Awright, I’ll be home in a little bit,” he tells me.

After we got the tree cleaned up and our cars out of there, we saw that the damage wasn’t too bad. But we will have to lower the price on the car that’s for sale.
I’m just grateful that it wasn’t my bike and no one got hurt.

So now, instead of the saying, ‘When life gives you lemons make lemonade,’
my new saying is, ‘If a tree falls on your car, make fire wood.’
We needed some anyway, we were running a little low. And it’s good material for the blog.
Shit like that’s always good material for writers.

Live happy;)


6 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons…

  1. I can't post the story until the contest is over, but I will definitely share it when February rolls around.

    I don't expect to be winning but it was fun to do.

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