Sarah Palin

What is up with society? I am utterly baffled at the fact that people choose not to see that her choices are based on her families well-being. Finally, someone who is living what they believe and she is perpetually crucified for her choices. Talk show after talk show reminding us over and over again about her comments on abortion. She had the baby! I think that’s pretty commendable for a woman with such a full life already, to make a lifelong commitment like that. Not that people who choose to have abortions are wrong either. People make choices based on their circumstances and how dare anyone judge anyone for a decision they have made. No one knows what each individual has come through that compels them to make the choices they make. What is right for one person may not be right for another and that makes no one right or wrong, it just makes it right for the individual.
The media twists and exaggerates peoples lives and we all know this. All they wanted to do from the beginning was dive into her family, her children, her marriage and find something wrong with it all. How sick and twisted is that? How can anyone form an opinion based on what they see on camera?  It has been said and seen multiple times that she has a lot of support from her extended family. The way I keep seeing it is her family is number one. Isn’t that the way it should be? Sure she has her flaws, but who doesn’t? Look in the mirror, I’m sure you’ll see plenty. Does that make you material to be thrown into the public eye and be ripped apart? And just because you choose not to be on camera doesn’t mean you’re flawless. Their are still lives that are affected by you and your choices but yet you dismiss them because you’re not on T.V. What makes their humanness different than yours? We all have family dysfunction and plenty of personal defects. Not one better or worse than the other. What would happen if the media started digging for all the good that people have done in their lives and displaying it for all to see? I wonder. It’s unfortunate that our society thrives on such negativity and utter disrespect for human beings. Yes, they have made choices that throw them into the public for everyone to know their business, but that makes them no less human. They deserve some privacy too, but for some reason the country feels entitled to know all about people they see on the screen. There is some shit that is just none of our business and then we want to judge people when they are being interviewed and get caught off guard by a question that they know if they don’t answer correctly, will be talked about, judged and hung out to dry. So they fumble for words as to not disappoint the people and then it’s played repeatedly so that it can be picked apart and analyze every little thing about what they said and how they said it and the expression on their face when they said it…Pa-fucking-thetic I say!


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