Mental Illness?

My intention here is not to offend anyone but just in case I do, please refer to my post; Overcoming Self-Pity and read the third paragraph.
I have been doing research for a book I am writing and have always been fascinated with the practice of how patients are treated for mental illness. I am currently reading Toxic Therapy by Peter Breggin, M.D. There are many conflicting messages out there and I find it quite disturbing and harmful to human beings who have emotions and baggage just like the rest of the world. From my research I am saw at one point that medicine came a long way from what it used to be and is now digressing to the inhumane treatments that were tolerable and then intolerable and are becoming tolerable again.
The pattern I am beginning to see is that the people labeled with mental illness or disease are just extremely sensitive human beings. The way they perceive and digest events that have occurred in their lives determines how they react to a situation. Many people I have known in my lifetime have simply needed guidance on how to perceive, process and react to situations. I am a firm believer in quality time and love for these types of personalities. There is nothing “wrong” with most if not all of these people initially. Many of these anti psychotic drugs cause more harm than good and this is not only from what I have experienced but it’s written down by ‘experts’, just in ways that make it sound like a lesser of two evils. Some medications that are used for bipolar or depression have side effects of schizo affective disorder. Covering up one problem b y creating another hardly seems like a solution to me. Extensive studies that I have read show improvement in those that were shown love and time. Basic essential tools were given to people and they were guided on how and when to apply these tools. Not every human being is born with these instincts. Some need to be taught and then they become second nature after some direction and practice. Again, we come to the bottom line of many of my posts, which is giving time, actually participating in someone’s life as opposed to throwing money or prescription drugs at the issue.
There is something that every human is born with and that’s intuition. When something doesn’t “feel” right to you, it’s NOT right. Period. I don’t care what kind of an ‘expert’ your talking to, you know what your gut is telling you. And because of the need for others to control others we end up not paying attention to what’s really right for ourselves as individuals.
Just because you’re an expert doesn’t mean that way is right for all. And let’s keep in mind that history has proven over and over again that facts change? Of course every expert claims that this is the ground breaking solution and this is ‘the way’. Then years later it’s proven harmful or ineffective. This has happened throughout the beginning of time. Nothing is flawless because it is all created by flawed human beings. And just because it may be a solution for one person does not mean it’s a solution for everyone. The only thing I have seen remain consistent is love. Love promotes healing in every situation. this is one thing that has remained unchanged, but it doesn’t make anyone any money so people want to find another long term solution that can creates butt loads of cash. But all that I see continuing to happen is problems on top of problems and solutions for a problem that will create another problem.The “quick fix” (pill) is exactly that; a quick-fix. There is something to be said for hard work, time and effort to all parties involved in this incessant loop of madness.
Here is an excerpt from the book I am reading that has a copyright date of 1991. Tell me how many of these projections that he had have come true?

What will happen to the well-being and values of Americans if the 1990’s become not the Decade of the Human Spirit and the Human Community but the Decade of the Brain?

  • Parents and teachers increasingly will surrender their RESPONSIBILITY for the care and education of children to mental health professionals when problems arise at home or at school.
  • Millions of children will end up on “legal” drugs or in psychiatric hospitals.
  • Untold numbers of children and adults will be saddled with the false conviction that they have  genetic defects and lifelong “crossed wires” and “biochemical imbalances.”
  • Innumerable adults with solvable personal problems will end up taking drugs, getting shock treatment, or being locked up in mental hospitals – or all three.
  • Many millions of elderly people will be drugged and shocked into oblivion and hurried to a premature death, often while residing in nursing homes.
  • Psychiatrists will make renewed calls for an increase in lobotomy and other forms of psychosurgery.
  • Droves of homeless people will be corralled into revamped, but still dreadful, state mental hospitals. 
  • Organized psychiatry increasingly will become dominated by the interests of the multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry as the profession becomes wholly dependent on the drug companies for its survival.
  • Several million more Americans will suffer permanent brain damage from psychiatric drugs and electroshock while the profession denies that it is happening.

In fact, all of these things are going on right now. Yet how could this happen with so little awareness on the public’s part? How could professionals devote themselves to such destructive programs with so little apparent concern for the truth or the rights and well-being of their patients?
I could go and on about this, but I won’t because I’m not an ‘expert’, just someone who wants to see more compassion for individuals. We are all made the way we are made for one reason or another and I think it’s important to start helping people accept the way they are and to utilize every characteristic as an asset, instead of a liability.

I am interested in hearing what you think of all of this. Please comment.


2 thoughts on “Mental Illness?

  1. Hey Gina, I took a look at your website and blog. I really like your content. The article on disorders and medication was amazing. I agree with your premise. I have some reservations in the field of Special Ed. The community is in denial of the drug repercussions in our culture. They can and do benefit in some cases. I do like to travel. I would like to know more about the writers/travel program. Jeff Lambson in Utah

  2. Thank you Jeff. The only thing I can say about your reservations is go with your gut and stay with it for the duration. I know in my experience living life, our perceptions change as we walk through our adventures. Stay open minded and always remain teachable.
    As far as the travel program, I can send you some links that I have found. I'm not sure it's what your looking for but maybe it can give you some helpful info.

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