My guy surprised me with dinner and theater tickets last night to see the play Hairspray. I am almost speechless, which is a calendar moment in itself. We went to a small theater by our house. Everything is performed on a circular stage so that everyone can see the action up close. We can’t afford Broadway plays, so we wait for our theater to buy the rights from Broadway and see it here. The musical was absolutely entertaining and hilarious. I love to laugh. Who doesn’t? If you don’t know what this play is about, it’s set in 1962 with a chubby girl who is simply adorable, Tracy Turnblad, and all she wants to do is have unity among all human beings. She gets a chance to dance on The Corny Collins Show, similar to Soul Train in the ’80’s. The current Miss Baltimore Crabs has a problem with Tracy being able to be a contestant for a shot at the title, Miss Baltimore Crabs because she’s plumpalicious. As Tracy does the show she becomes aware that the black people have to dance in a separate area of the dance floor because black and white can’t dance together. She befriends a black guy, Seaweed, in detention and he teaches her some new moves. Now she wants everyone to dance together and be one big happy fam. Oh, and she’s in love with the high school hunk Link Larkin. Yowsah! So this deals with two issues, being a chubster and being black. And happy endings with the guy of your dreams, of course. It is such a lighthearted, wonderfully funny story. Now, I’m neither pudgy, nor black, but it made me want to be both. Not at the same time, but each and of themselves it would be quite an experience. Although my butt is quite renowned for it’s blackesque-ness.
Anyway, I get intensely emotional when I go to plays, the circus, ice capades or anything live because I secretly want to be them. Don’t get me wrong, I love being me, but who am I really? That’s so hard to define. I want to be everything I see and I almost have been. If you went to my web site and looked at my About me page, you’d see what I mean. Next on my list is acting, but not like films or anything. I would love to do plays, but the reality is, I might be a little too old to start in that arena.


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