Validation is probably the single most important thing you can do for someone’s self-esteem. (Even computers need validation now days).

There is something so powerful about someone paying attention to you and what you’re doing.

It takes just ONE person to bring out the best side of you. One person to say, “You’re doing a great job”, or “You do that really well”,” You have a beautiful smile”, “You’re great with people”, and the receiver of that validation will shine. They will do their best at whatever it is they are doing. It builds confidence.

Yes, I believe it is important to validate ourselves, but you know we ALL have that daunting little man that sits on a fragment of your brain with his legs crossed, swinging his foot and tapping his fingers on the amygdala, telling you what a loser you are and that you’re not good enough or that there’s no way you’ll accomplish what your trying to accomplish so you might as well just go to bed. At those times we need an outside voice to reassure us with sincerity that we are great at what we do and what we do matters to someone, especially you.

When someone is genuinely happy to see you, you’re happy to be seen.
When a person is praised they continue to do things that are praisable.
It doesn’t matter what it is your doing as long as you do your best.

I heard Suze Orman say, “If you make average great, your dreams will become a reality”. I was choked up for a moment after that filtered through my ears and my brain swirled the phrase around.

It is vital to humans to have support and encouragement from friends, family, even strangers. Imagine if we all chose one stranger to support and encourage without conditions…


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