Passion is our life’s purpose. Living a life that we love, a life that is fulfilled, this is our purpose. It’s not about survival. Working to get the bills paid and go on vacation once a year or having to decide which is more important, our kids college education or our retirement, is no way to live. We are here to enjoy everything that is on this earth. That’s why it’s here. Yes, we need to pay our bills, but stop and ask yourself; Are you holding your job to maintain the income that maintains all of your “stuff” that is filling a void? That void you are trying to fill is your passion. Once you start living a life that you truly love and enjoy, you will see that all that material stuff is just that; STUFF. Our kids learn from us. My kids do what I do, not what I say. They will live the way I live and by the principles I live by. I do not want them working at a job just to pay the bills, or waking up everyday having to force themselves out of bed to get to a job they despise, while dreaming in the corners of their minds about what they’d really like. I want my kids to love, love, love their lives. I do not want my children searching endlessly for things or stuff that will make them happy because they aren’t DOING what makes them happy. That’s how we are fulfilled, by DOING what we love. It is our birth right as human beings, every one of us, to be happy and live with passion. It is up to you and you alone to make sure that happens. Live what you love.Start by writing down all of the things you dream of doing, all the things your passionate about, all of the things you think would make you love to get out of bed everyday. You can post your list here if you’d like. What are you waiting for?
Live Happy.


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