The End of the World?!

Have you people lost your fucking minds? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? Why do you insist on interpreting the predictions that are unpredictable? Who does everyone think they are?
Aren’t you tired of hearing about the end of the world? Do we have nothing better to do than create such drama? Just because the Mayan calendar runs out doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. What asshole decided to start that rumor?! The Mayan calendar that currently exists is ending, because for them, a cycle of time is ending, one that happens approximately every 25,800 years. The 13th “Baktun” (count) is to end and then the long calendar will begin. You can look it up anywhere on the internet or in the library. No where does it say the world is going to end at that time.
Let’s keep in mind that the apocalypse is a Western Christian belief. The Mayans do not have the same beliefs, so why would they have a calendar according to a different religion? This is the Christian way of trying to make their beliefs have some merit. Why do Christians keep wanting to be right? Especially about the end of the world? If you do believe in god, what makes you think you can interpret or know what god was thinking or planning? Do you have any idea how many times the bible has been revised by humans? So what if it’s said to be the longest surviving book. All the more reason to believe that it may have changed over the years. Has anyone ever heard the term, ‘lost in translation’? (and I’m not talking about the movie). 
Apparently, no one ever asked the Mayans what their calendar means, someone just made an assumption. And we know what happens when we ass-u-me, don’t we?;)
We can make anything make sense or fit anywhere that we want. Apply some science and a little bit of the “supernatural” and Voila! We have a formula for whatever scare tactic the media needs to feed us at the time. What makes me sad is that society is so gullible. What’s up with that?!
So what if the world is going to end? What can you do about it? NOTHING! So stop using that as an excuse for whatever you need to justify in your life and get on with today. That’s what’s going on right now. RIGHT NOW is going on right now! LIVE!
So far, people have predicted the end of the world several times and it hasn’t happened yet. So, these fears, thus far, are just illusions. As long as there is one cell on earth, life still exists.
The truth is the truth. When truth is happening, it is very clear. It’s not up for interpretation. If it can mean several different things to several different people, then it’s not clear. A personal truth is clear to one. But just because it’s your truth doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s. This society has a really bad case of selective hearing.
Gravity for instance, is a clear truth. There is one way of looking at it and no other meanings or ways of interpreting it. It exists, whether you believe it or not. If you don’t believe it, then tell me what’s keeping your feet on the ground. It is such a truth that no one feels the need to push the belief of gravity on anyone. I am not talking about the theory of gravity. I am not talking about how it comes to be. My point is, around the globe, gravity is gravity. We can know, without a doubt that no matter where we go on earth, we will stay on the ground. There is never a doubt that gravity exists or what it’s job is.
Truth and facts are two very different things. Truth is internal, facts are external. We would be wise to remember that both are subject to change.

3 thoughts on “The End of the World?!

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind comments. I like this post you wrote. I have been annoyed with “end of the world” people for years.

    You're right that people have been talking about the end of the world for centuries–if not longer. So many dates have come and gone.

    Some historians believe that John the Revelator was talking about the Romans when he wrote Revelations. So “the beast” to him was the Roman Empire. They are long gone but we humans are still here.

    Most religions are bullshit and I'm tired of it. The only belief system I like is Buddhism but that's not really a religion as they don't believe in a “God.” It's not a religion in the traditional, western sense.

    I liked this that you wrote:

    “So what if the world is going to end? What can you do about it? NOTHING! So stop using that as an excuse for whatever you need to justify in your life and get on with today. That's what's going on right now. RIGHT NOW is going on right now! LIVE!”

    Yep, live in the moment and if this world gets rocked by an asteroid–so be it. However, it doesn't automatically mean it was “God.” Earth has been hit my countless meteors and asteroids for eons.

    Supposedly there is an asteroid called, “Apophis” that might strike Earth in 2036 that will destroy us all if he passes through this small window in space.

    I welcome it. This planet is beyond diseased and infected with idiocy. It's not “God” but science and you can't argue with science. So whatever will be–let it be.

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