Apple Fest

Ok, so we went to this apple fest that was going on in a nearby town close to my house. I was so excited about this event that I’d had it on my calendar for like a month. The posting for it on a web site made it so appealing. Apple this, apple that, apples, apples, apples galore! Now, I have to say, the town that it’s in is a really cool old ritzy neighborhood. All of the shops are phenomenal and with that comes ridiculous price tags. But it has that vintage feel to it that I love so much. Old streetlamps that line the cobblestone roads and huge Victorian houses with wrap around porches that actually have rocking chairs on them. The downtown area has an old mill water wheel and a pond in the back with ducks the size of seals.
The streets were packed with people and kids and of course everyone has to bring their dogs, which to me, quite frankly is a tad unsanitary when you have apple pies, candy apples, chocolate dipped apple donuts and apple fritters flying around people’s mouths. There were two stands for this nightmarish event. One was for apple everything and the other was for chocolate covered apple crap. The lines were wrapped around the block! It was absurd. Absolutely absurd! Are you really waiting in a mile long line to buy an apple pie that’s fifteen dollars?! Why, of course we are. My mother wanted a pie and my daughter wanted a chocolate covered doughnut. (The English language is so strange sometimes isn’t it? doughnut.) Did I  mention that we had to park the car two and a half miles away? But we did find an incredible Greek restaurant to eat at, that of course had a wait time of thirty minutes, but luckily my husband knew one of the women that worked there, so we were seated before I started to gnaw my own arm off. Just thinking about it makes me want a Greek salad (hold the anchovies). It was oh-so-delicious. And the weather turned out to be pretty nice considering we live in the Arctic Tundra of the Chicagoland area. Being with my family made it a worthwhile trip. We did end up going into the shops and splurged on a few items, took some pictures of flowers and such and then called it a day.

One of the shops we bought stuff from.

Me and my guy

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