Women and Happiness

There seems to be a debate going on about the state of mind that women are in today. Men are writing articles about studies done on womens happiness  and how it declines as we get older. Women are debating the fact that each woman has a choice and a possibility of women’s rights backfiring. (And that men shouldn’t be writing articles about the happiness and fulfillment of women).   
I have to say, women are very powerful creatures and if not used properly, we definitely have the power to bring ourselves down. I  believe that ego has taken over many women. I watch all of these shows and read articles about celebrities and they’re really taking this power thing to the next level. We have nothing to prove ladies! We can be powerful and have humility. That is key in our fulfillment and happiness. Here’s a story for you. I had four sheriff’s knock on my door at four in the morning to ask about some disturbances in the neighborhood. Three of the sheriff’s were men and one woman. I had dealt with two of the three men on a separate occasion and had never seen the woman before. First of all, the way she had banged on my door was totally uncalled for. Then, she hid along the side of my screen door with her back against the siding on the house, while the men stood in plain sight on my stoop. When I saw her peel herself off the cedar siding, it really creeped me out. She questioned me as if I was the offender. She was very rude and came on waaayy too strong. She treated me as if I was lying to her. I had no desire to cooperate after talking with her, not that I knew anything anyway, but if I did, I sure wouldn’t tell someone like that. It disgusted me that she was acting this way, because all I could really think was, You are representing women and look how you’re acting. As if she had something to prove because she was the only woman standing with three men.
Newsflash ladies in power; you can have it all but you don’t have to be bitches about it. Being loud, obnoxious and pushy about the power you possess is not the way to go. It’s actually quite unattractive and a warped sense of power. The women that truly possess power are the ones who don’t have to scream about it, or make comments to the media, but just go ahead and make a difference in the world. We teach by living. You can stand for many things, but then go about it quietly. It defeats the purpose when you feel the need to prove yourselves and then scream about it on a mountain top. If you are truly powerful, people will just notice, you won’t have to say a word. That’s all for now.

Live Happy

P.S. Here’s my new haircut.



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