Obama for President

I believe that the President is doing a phenomenal job at cleaning up the mess that we have made. Yes, that WE have made. It looks to me as if he is working for lasting change and for the better of ALL. In the past, everything has been a quick fix, which is why we are in these predicaments. Things have to get worse before they get better. I’m not sure why, but that’s just the way it is. If everyone could be open and actually listen to Obama when he speaks and then envision the bigger picture, you may be surprised. I understand that many people don’t have a vision beyond the next fifteen minutes, so you guys will just have to sit back and wait impatiently while raising your blood pressure and driving the rest of your family members crazy. This country has become so dependent on instant gratification, that when times call for patience and action, everyone gets uptight and wants to blame. Blaming doesn’t fix the problem. Positive action does. Pointing the finger at the action that everyone else needs to be taking doesn’t fix the problem either. DOING your part does. It is a small piece to the canvas that creates the world we live in. Just be patient and kind and you will see how great the change is going to be. There is enough for EVERYONE. No one needs to be so greedy and breed such fear. THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE. This country needs to learn to share. Share with your fellow man. Trying to keep everything for yourselves makes things quite messy. The more you try to get the more you want, so try something different and give.

Live Happy


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