My Harley & Me

That right there is my favorite thing to do, in front of my favorite place to be. Talk about EMPOWERING! When I get on my bike, I don’t want to get off; EVER!
I learned how to ride about three years ago. The first summer was a pain in my ass. I was scared every time I got on. Keeping the big picture in mind gave me the motivation I needed and having a husband that rides is helpful too. At times, I would take the easy way out and just get on the back of his bike because I wanted to relax. Now, I can get on mine, because I want to relax. After I bought my motorcycle, a few of my girlfriends bought motorcycles and that was also a motivator. Knowing you have people to support and encourage you is a motivator when it comes to many things. Especially women. The women in my life are pretty great. I don’t know what I would do without them. Thanks girls.


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